We specialize in Triathlon & Cycling Camps for all groups, clubs and teams.

The Camp caters for all levels of Athletes.

Motor Pacing on our quiet country roads ($40 per hour)

The Camp is located on 12 acres in the Orlando/Disney Area - Florida - USA


We can lodge, feed, train and coach your group any way required

You set the dates, duration & type of training/coaching and we do the rest

All you need is a minimum of 5 athletes and a goal to have fun & learn

Camp costing is:

  • $70 per athlete per day if you supply the coaches
  • $90 per athlete per day if we supply the coaches

   Lab Testing & Bike Fits     Private Camps

Camp prices includes the following plus at lot more:

  • Instruction, Coaching & Training ($90 per day option)
  • Lodging
  • All meals
  • Shuttle Pick-Up & Drop-Off from Orlando INT Airport
  • Bikes & All Training Equipment



AAA Tri Camp offers::

Coaching ($90 per Month)
Training/Coaching ($40 per hour)
Bike Fits ($90)
Motor Pacing ($40 per hour)
VO2 Max Testing ($90)
Lactate Testing ($90)
Camp Facilities ($70 per day per athlete)
Coaching Camps ($90 per day per athlete)